New member can get 300 PHP to use in slot games and fish shooting games.

Log in to voslot, you can get 300 PHP free bonus for new members, which is limited to 1 person at a time only.

Daily Betting Missions

  • Weekly Turnover Conditions 1299-2999
  • Average bonus for completing missions 69-99
  • Players are required to respect the terms and conditions of the game.
  • No bonus request The system will automatically distribute before 20.00 of the 2nd day.

Share weekly events GET BONUS RETURN 9999

  • How to do it: Click on the link to fill out the form.
  • URL address:
  • voslot has the most reliable slots games, fish shooting, live casinos and platforms. Share with others for free bonuses.

Fishing game promotion deposit and get another 100% bonus

  • Each player can participate in the event once.
  • Game brands that this bonus can be tested for: JDB, CQ9, JILI, FC, SG, RSG, KA, AW, PS.
  • Players need to deposit more than 100 baht.
  • Calculation method:(Deposit+Bonus) * Turnover amount = stake before withdrawal
  • Assuming member first deposit 100 baht, details of bonus and wagering are as follows: Bonus: 100 * 100% = 100. Total bet amount that member has to make: (100 + 100) * 20 = 4000.

VIP Deposit Pro

  • Deposit 800 baht, spin 100 times and when deposit reaches 4000, you can withdraw unlimited. Unlimited number of participants
  • Deposit in 1000 free 1000 unlimited withdrawal 40000 limited to 5 people per month

Game companies that can use this promotion:For JILI, KA, PP, SG, RSG only (cannot withdraw in live casino).

Professional Slots 100% First Deposit Bonus up to 3000

Every player is special to us. Anyone can participate in this bonus event. Just you deposit in voslot more than 200 PHP, spin up to 18 times. can receive a bonus up to 3000 PHP

  1. What players have to be careful about is this promotion can be used for slot games only. Each player can participate only once, only JDB, JILI, CQ9, KA, PG, PP, AW, SG (If you play live casino and fish shooting, you cannot withdraw money).
  2. Deposited bet amount more than 200 PHP, we will calculate the reward accrual method for this promotion assuming (deposit + bonus) * turnover = total stake before withdrawal.
    • Let’s say you make your first deposit of 200 PHP. The bonus and stake details are as follows.
    • Bonus:200*100%=200
    • Total bets that members have to make: (200 + 200) * 18 = 7200

Invite your friends to play together. Get up to 10% bonus and get unlimited rewards

If you like playing slots games We recommend you to play slot games in voslot. Because it is a very professional website in Philippines. Why are there so many people playing in voslot? Invite your friends to play slots games at professional sites together. So you can get unlimited free bonuses.

  1. There are many slot games to choose from. After receiving a legal business license This site is also a site with many years of experience in the industry. There are games that are very professional such as Both fish shooting games and live casinos as well.
  2. When your friend signs up for the voslot website, the website will ask your friend to enter your ID in the field. That’s the “referral ID” system, you will be recorded as a referral.
  3. You can go to Member Center>>Referrals>>Dedicated Domains, to share the link of voslot, wait for the process to finish The system will save your information as your friend’s referral.

voslot has a daily minimum deposit promotion

What is it that attracts players the most and what they look forward to every day? Come check your luck and chance in voslot, you won’t regret it. Because this is the most professional slot game. Use a computer to randomly randomize unique numbers. There is absolutely no fraud and no fraudulent methods are used.

In slots games, every day a player can participate in the event only 1 time. This activity can only be used by JDB, RT, KA, PP, RSG and CQ9 camps.

The way to get the total bet amount withdrawn is your deposit + your bonus game = your total bet amount withdrawn.

minimum depositpayout ratemaximum bonuswithdrawalgame typespinamount played
100 PHP or more10%1000unlimited slot 5 times 1 day 1 time 
500 PHP or more 20%1000unlimited slot สล็อต8 times 1 day 1 time

for example;

  • Assuming a member deposits 100 baht, the details of the bonus and stake are as follows.
  • Bonus: 100 * 10% = 10 Total Bet Amount Must Be Made by Member: (100 + 10) * 5 = 55

voslot let all players know all the benefits

Sign up for a new member of voslot or you will get 0.6% cash back with all bonuses on that website. Can you get a bonus? Can it be used? These questions are something every player wants to know. And the part that will make people stunned is there will be cumulative bonuses in the promotional program, which after reaching the cumulative amount you can withdraw your balance and bonus from voslot to your account. So you can access the website at any time, to receive rewards 24 hours a day.


Signing up with voslot is the best choice for slot players, with a professional service provider, the most complete casino game, also with many promotional bonuses, VIP bonuses also allow you to increase your reward accumulation limit. Plus, you can enjoy new games as well. Many players are fascinated by the huge promotions.

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